Soapstone Cherish Heart

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Embrace a token of love and compassion with our Cherish Heart Soapstone, a vibrant and artful expression crafted with the utmost care. Each heart is hewn from soapstone, known for its silky texture and enduring beauty, by the skilled hands of women artisans from the Tabaka cooperative in Kenya. This initiative aims to alleviate hardship in the Kisii region, championing fair trade and sustainable practices. Through your purchase, you contribute to providing fair wages and broadening the market reach for these dedicated craftsmen.

Approximately 1.5 inches in width, these hearts are a testament to the artisans' skill, each piece radiating with unique hues and crafted to perfection. Mr. Ellie Pooh is committed to the empowerment of these workers, ensuring their craftsmanship is recognized and valued across the globe.

These Cherish Heart Soapstones stand as a symbol of love, ideal for gifting to those you hold dear or as a personal keepsake. Their creation supports a noble cause, making them not just a piece of art but a beacon of hope and change. Add a touch of warmth and purpose to your home with these meticulously carved hearts, and let their story inspire conversations about compassion, art, and the importance of supporting fair trade.

Soapstone Cherish Heart
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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