Are you looking for more than the conventional fundraiser? Discover the Mr. Ellie Pooh difference: a fundraising program that combines profits for your group, award winning quality products for your customers, and a chance to support the elephants, families and farmers who produce the products you sell

Elephants around the world are massively decreasing in numbers without the ability to survive in a natural environment. Farm produce has become a growing and necessary human resource, thus shrinking the elephants grazing grounds. Elephants are not favored as neighbors since they destroy valued crops.

Elephant waste is primarily cellulose pulp, the raw material of paper. It can be transformed into a usable product that is 100% recycled. The mission of our company is to buy exotic gifts and stationery made from this natural resource. The local populations transport the poo resources to paper facilities where they receive current market value of the goods produced. The workers and the artisans benefit by earning and receiving fair trade wages for their creative efforts.

Any organization can produce a win-win situation.

Through fundraising, organizations can educate and promote the utilization of a reusable resource while teaching the importance of peaceful living among different species that require a common habitat.

Humans and elephants working together are a healthier choice than destroying resources for future generations. This fundamental principle is implemented through our fundraising program. Participants will teach and learn about recycling, human/elephant conflict and some of the most important principles of fair trade, all the while earning healthy fundraising profits.

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