Single Greeting Card NYC Taxi Dark Blue

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Let the vibrant life of New York City drive your messages with our NYC Taxi Single Greeting Card in Dark Blue. Crafted on Mr. Ellie Pooh's remarkable elephant dung paper, this card captures the iconic symbol of the city's ceaseless motion - the yellow taxi - set against a stylish dark blue background, making it a perfect choice for any occasion that calls for a dash of urban flair and a pledge to environmental care.

Upon unveiling this card, a blank insert of fine writing poo paper awaits your heartfelt sentiments. Whether commemorating a new beginning, celebrating an achievement, or simply sending a note of thanks, the NYC taxi motif adds an element of excitement and authenticity to your message, transporting your words through the heart of the city's bustling streets.

Single Greeting Card NYC Taxi Dark Blue
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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