Single Greeting Card Leslie The Lion

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Step into the majestic world of the savannah with our Leslie the Lion Single Greeting Card, a vibrant homage to the king of the jungle. Crafted from the unique and sustainable elephant dung paper by Mr. Ellie Pooh, this card captures the noble spirit of the lion, making it a perfect choice for any occasion that calls for a touch of regal beauty and environmental responsibility.

Upon opening this card, you'll discover a blank insert of fine writing poo paper, ready to be filled with your messages of courage, strength, or celebration. Whether you're marking a significant milestone, sending a note of encouragement, or simply sharing a moment of admiration, the image of Leslie the Lion adds a powerful and inspiring backdrop to your words, making every message a memorable roar.

Single Greeting Card Leslie The Lion
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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