Single Greeting Card Butterfly Yellow

SKU: 290-609132739224


Let the vibrant hue of our Butterfly Single Greeting Card in Yellow illuminate your messages of love, gratitude, and celebration. Crafted from the innovative and environmentally conscious elephant dung paper by Mr. Ellie Pooh, this card encapsulates the joyous essence of butterflies, symbolizing transformation, renewal, and the brightness of life.

Open this card to discover a blank insert of fine writing poo paper, eagerly awaiting your personal touch. Whether marking a special milestone, extending words of encouragement, or simply sharing a sunny sentiment, this card offers a warm, yellow backdrop that enhances the spirit of your message, making every word a ray of light in the recipient's day.

Opting for our 100% recycled, tree-free, eco-friendly poo card is a choice that radiates positivity not just to its recipient but also to the planet. It's a celebration of nature's beauty, captured in the lively dance of butterflies, and a commitment to sustainability, offering a brighter future with every card sent.


Single Greeting Card Butterfly Yellow
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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