Large Notebook Elephant Paper Cut Black

SKU: 040-814959021548


Carve your path to creativity with the Paper Cut Black Elephant Notebook by Mr. Ellie Pooh. The Paper Cut Black Elephant Notebook is a striking ode to one of nature's most majestic creatures, designed for those who seek both inspiration and a way to make a positive impact on the environment. With its elegant paper cut elephant design set against a sleek black background, this hardcover notebook from Mr. Ellie Pooh stands as a testament to creativity and conservation.

Within the 7.5" x 6" bounds of this notebook lie approximately 50 unlined pages, each inviting your thoughts, sketches, and visions to roam free. It's a vast landscape for your ideas, allowing you to trace the contours of your creativity without constraint, from detailed lecture notes to the broad strokes of your next artistic project.

Every Paper Cut Black Elephant Notebook purchased is a step towards ensuring the survival of elephants and their habitats. Made from sustainable materials, your choice not only fosters your creative journey but also contributes directly to elephant conservation efforts, symbolizing your commitment to safeguarding wildlife.

  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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Customer Reviews

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Grace Senra
Amazing quality

These notebooks are the best! I love how they feel writing on them and knowing they have a better story and eco-friendly origin makes it all the greater. I received one as a gift, then bought another for myself, and have now given them as gifts myself! And I will definitely be buying more!