Large Notebook Mave Triangle

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Unlock geometric creativity with the Mave Triangle Notebook by Mr. Ellie Pooh. The Mave Triangle Notebook is a nod to those who find beauty in sharp angles and the strength of geometric forms, all while committing to a greener planet. This unique hardcover notebook from Mr. Ellie Pooh is the perfect companion for the environmentally aware student or professional looking to infuse their daily writing with a touch of modernity and mindfulness towards the environment.

Encased within its 7.5" x 6" frame, approximately 50 unlined pages await your musings, diagrams, and creative ventures. Whether you’re drafting visionary projects, sketching avant-garde designs, or penning down transformative ideas, this notebook offers the freedom to explore the infinite possibilities that emerge from the simple yet powerful triangle.

Opting for the Mave Triangle Notebook doesn’t just mean choosing a stylish and functional writing tool; it signifies your role in supporting elephant conservation. Crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials, each notebook purchase aids in safeguarding these majestic creatures and their habitats, marrying your creative pursuits with tangible environmental action.

Large Notebook Mave Triangle
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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