Large Notebook Freddy the Fox

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Embark on a creative adventure with the Freddy the Fox Notebook by Mr. Ellie Pooh. The Freddy the Fox Notebook is your gateway to a world where creativity meets conservation. Designed for the environmentally aware student and professional, this charming notebook from Mr. Ellie Pooh is adorned with the cunning and playful spirit of Freddy the Fox, making every writing session an exploration of both imagination and ecological responsibility.

Within its compact 7.5" x 6" frame, you'll find approximately 50 unlined pages waiting to capture your unique ideas, sketches, and musings. Whether you're weaving intricate tales, drafting plans for your next venture, or capturing the whimsy of daily life, this notebook provides the perfect space for your creative exploits, all while being easy to carry for inspiration that strikes in the wild or in the city.

By choosing the Freddy the Fox Notebook, you're not just selecting a place to house your thoughts; you're also making a stand for the planet. Each notebook is a testament to environmental stewardship, crafted from 100% recycled materials to support conservation efforts with every page you fill. It's a commitment to living harmoniously with nature, championed by the playful yet wise spirit of Freddy the Fox.

Large Notebook Freddy the Fox
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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