Large Notebook Diplodocus

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Journey through time with the Diplodocus Sketchbook by Mr. Ellie Pooh. The Diplodocus Journal is a call to all aspiring paleontologists, dreamers of the Mesozoic, and eco-conscious minds. With a nod to the giants that once roamed the Earth, this hardcover notebook blends the awe-inspiring world of dinosaurs with the urgent need for sustainability, offering a unique platform for students, professionals, and creative souls.

Spread across 7.5" x 6" of unlined territory, approximately 50 pages await your explorations, ready to capture the essence of your prehistoric musings, sketches of ancient creatures, or the fossilized footprints of your imagination. It's a space where the ancient world meets modern creativity, providing the perfect backdrop for your ideas to evolve.

Align your creative journey with the mission to protect today's wildlife. Each Diplodocus Notebook purchase contributes to elephant conservation, connecting your passion for the past with a commitment to the future. Made from eco-friendly materials, this notebook is a testament to your dedication to preserving the majesty of Earth's biodiversity.

  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality as always!!

I have purchased many Ellie Pooh notebooks for journaling and they are always beautifully decorated in bright colors, have luxurious thick paper, and have easy-to-turn pages. Will keep buying these notebooks until I have one of each nature design!