Fabric Ornament Lion

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Step into the savannah this holiday season with our Lion Fabric Ornament, exclusively from Mr. Ellie Pooh. Crafted with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and artisanal skill, this ornament transforms your Christmas tree into a celebration of the animal kingdom's majesty.

Handcrafted with precision in Sri Lanka, each lion ornament is created from the finest 100% cotton fabric, ensuring both durability and a gentle touch. The filling, made from soft poly-fill, adds a dimension of plushness, embodying the warmth and spirit of the holiday season.

Our dedication to the environment is evident in every stitch, with fabrics dyed using AZO-free, PCP tested, eco-friendly processes. Safe for the planet and your family, these ornaments are designed to be cherished by all ages.

Mr. Ellie Pooh, LLC
Fabric Ornament Lion
  • Saving Elephants

  • Protecting Trees

  • Creating Jobs

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