Note Box Rose Flower Natural White

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Transform your desk into a garden of thoughts with our Rose Flower Note Box, where the timeless beauty of roses inspires your daily notetaking and messaging. This unique note box elevates the art of jotting down reminders and ideas with an eco-friendly twist, featuring compostable poo paper note cards. Each box, brimming with approximately 80 sheets of fine writing poo paper, merges the charm of nature's most beloved flower with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Measuring 4.5" x 4" x 1.75", the Rose Flower Note Box is adorned with a handcrafted design that captures the essence and elegance of roses, symbolizing love, beauty, and growth. This stationery set, perfect for gifting, serves as a thoughtful and meaningful present for teachers, office colleagues, or anyone who cherishes the delicate balance between nature's aesthetics and the importance of eco-conscious living.

Note Box Rose Flower Natural White
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